Copy of FAQs

What you need to know for

your call with Santa

What is required for my video call with Santa?

  • A strong network connection with at least 2-3 Mbps connection (test speed)
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Microphone
  • Webcam or built-in camera (tablet, iPhone, etc)
  • Zoom Account (Click here to create a free account)

For more information, see Zoom System Requirements

What if I don't have a Zoom account?

Please sign up for a free account before your scheduled time with Santa as it takes a few minutes to set up. 

What is the optimal device for the best experience?

The device with the best camera and speakers would provide the most optimal experience - this could include desktop computers, laptops or tablets. Please test your equipment before the call to ensure a seamless experience. 

Will this work on a tablet or phone? 

Yes, you can download the Zoom app as long as it meets the system requirements.  If you have opted for our Premium or Platinum Package, we recommend a device with a good quality camera to ensure a clear image and sound. See our tips to make the experience even more magical. 

I'm having technical difficulties, who can I contact?

Please visit the Zoom help center as they can walk you through any troubleshooting tips.  

Can I have more than one child attend?

You can have more than one child per call but please note that the interaction may not be as personalized if all children are very vocal. We recommend scheduling back to back sessions if you are looking to have 2+ children attend the call so that Santa has enough time to talk to each child. 

What if I need to reschedule?

We understand that life happens. Contact us at least 72 hours before your scheduled chat and we'll do our best to accommodate a change. Please note that a new time slot is not guaranteed and will be based on availability. 

How will Santa make this experience personalized for my child?

There is a supplemental form at checkout where a parent or guardian can complete information about your child. This will help Santa personalize and customize the experience to your child. Include details such as name, siblings, interests, accomplishments, any areas that need attention, or probe on any potential gift ideas. 

Do I need to fill out the supplemental form about my child?

Fill in only what you feel comfortable sharing. The more information you provide, the more personalized the experience will be for your child. 

How will the information I provide be protected?

All pages, content and data is secured using SSL encryption. The personal information you share with us is only shared with Santa and his elves to personalize your call. Information is not shared or sold to any third parties. Please review our privacy policy for more detail.

Who will my child be talking to?

Santa, of course! Santa is a professional entertainer who has gone through a recent national background check. 

Do I, as the parent or guardian, need to be present on the call?

If you have purchased the Premium or Platinum package, a parent or guardian for each child needs to be on the call for at least the beginning of the chat to provide consent for the recording. If a parent or guardian is not present at the start, unfortunately, we cannot record the call. Refunds or rescheduling will not be possible if this occurs.

What if my child is shy on the call with Santa?

We encourage parents/guardians to be part of the call, especially if the child is shy. The great thing about a 5 minute call with Santa vs. a static photo is that we have the opportunity to build a rapport through the conversation. 

What if my child is not old enough to talk, but I want them to have an experience with Santa this year?

Parents or guardians can attend a Santa experience with their infants or toddlers. Just let us know in the information sheet at checkout and Santa will come prepared with a story!  

How long will the video call with Santa last?

Video calls with Santa can last up to 5 minutes. Santa has to talk to all the boys and girls around the world so, unfortunately, only has a limited amount of time. If you want to schedule a longer video call with Santa, please contact us at

When will I receive my video?

You should receive a link to download your video within 72 hours. Please check your junk mail to access the encrypted file. 

If I change my mind and want a copy of the call, can you make that happen?

Unfortunately we cannot provide a recording if you did not purchase the Premium or Platinum Package as we don't record all calls. 

I purchased the Platinum Package, what can I use the credit for?

The credit can be put towards another booking for you or a family/friend. Simply use the promo code at checkout.

Any other questions?

Please reach out to our elves at